Michael & Keleren Millham

Guitar and Voice at the edge of the songwriting tradition


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[Michael and Keleren] accomplish a rare feat; they successfully merge the sometimes disparate worlds of classical and pop into a passionate, yet accessible blend of sophisticated soundscapes and ethereal melodies that transport you to a world devoid of cliché and predictability.”

-Mackietone News,
Mackie Designs, Inc.

Put traditional music of the British Isles, Sufi, classical, Latin jazz and art rock all into the proverbial sonic blender with Keleren Millham’s opulent voice and evocative lyrics, and you’ve got an addictively singular concoction. And Michael Millham’s intensely intricate and physical finger-style guitar work has been known to make audiences’ jaws drop… Their intimate performances are unforgettable, and their sound is truly uncommon among Spokane acts -or anywhere else for that matter…”

-Spokesman Review

Photo by Ira Gardner

Photos by Ira Gardner

[They] weave a gorgeous musical tapestry from folk, classical and world music traditions, complementing each other intuitively…”

-The Pacific Northwest Inlander

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“The songs were so emotional that I was trying my hardest not to do the HARD CRY. Music is such a magical experience and this was definitely the case. Words truly cannot express the beauty of this experience. I am so honored to have been able to share the moment with Michael and Keleren. Question: Have you ever heard such a beautiful rendition of “Over the Rainbow?” Priceless!”

“There really are no words which adequately convey the beauty of their music-you need to hear it for yourself.”

-Audience member concert review

Many that have witnessed the Millhams live marvel at the professional grace the couple perform with and the precise structure surrounding their music…This music is unique, beautiful, precise, seemingly perfect”.

-The Local Planet

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Your music soothes me, surprises me, fills in places I didn’t know were empty… wow.”

-From anonymous audience member note

Hard to classify – interesting guitar tone and vocal blend – melodically feels eclectic.”

-Listener ID #97 – a TAXI review on Michael and Keleren Millhams’s sound.

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Photo by Theresa Stites





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