Michael & Keleren Millham

Guitar and Voice at the edge of the songwriting tradition


Married for 22 years and performing professionally together since 1996, voice and guitar duo Michael and Keleren Millham have survived a burned-to-the ground apartment complex, car wrecks, music school, countless miles and over 2000 concerts together–all with surprising good fortune. The classically trained duo have taken that education and applied it to the music that moves them. The resulting tapestry of sound has strong roots in classical, folk, and world music (with a hint of jazz and blues thrown in the mix) but their truest and only genre is the voice and guitar lexicon. Through their compositions and other repertoire choices, the Millhams reach and stretch as broad and deep within this medium as possible; building on, and blending old traditions in a new way.

Their debut album “Sidhe” spent years on the top ten lists for local artists in their home market (often in #1) and has received airplay on numerous college and public radio stations. Their follow up recordings “Live at The Shop” and “Cathedral” have been equally well received. These recordings are “driven by Michael’s muscular fingerstyle guitar work…and unfailing rhythm behind amazing intricacy of melodic leads” (Victory Review) and Keleren Millham’s “soaring…and affecting vocals” (The Inlander). Regularly performing at venues ranging from wine bars and house concerts to radio shows, theaters, universities and festivals, their performances are at once energetic and soothing, and always uplifting.

When not busy impacting west coast audiences with a unique repertoire of sophisticated soundscapes for voice and guitar, they remain busy as teachers; Michael teaching guitar at Gonzaga and Eastern Washington Universities, and Keleren maintaining a thriving private vocal studio. As recording artists, the Millhams have released 3 CDs,  a documentary soundtrack, and have contributed to numerous record albums as soloists. They are, collectively, Beta testing artists for L.R. Baggs electronics, and endorsers for AER amps.  Michael plays a guitar by Spokane luthier Eric Sahlin.